Addie walks up to an old, dusty cinema…

I originally wrote this story as a short paragraph that belongs to a collection of disconnected, small paragraphs that create a short story of sorts. The paragraph has an older, western feel to it; kinda nostalgic for me as my dad is into the western genre. Ultimately, as well, I wanted the reader to feel empty and mellowed out, which was the reason I wrote the story itself.

As I progressed in the development of the film, I realized that I needed to have a name for the girl and the cinema. Since I was going for a bit of nostalgia, I decided to search for inspiration from older films, and happened upon two 1970’s films that I felt adequately set the story into an older time. Addie’s name was from “Paper Moon” (1973). And the name “The Crawford” was taken from “The Last Picture Show” (1971).

A lot of people (meaning near everyone) have asked me about the title. The title was originally another snippet from my short story “How The World Ends But Doesn’t ” and when that was the title there was even more confusion, partially because the character in the title was a girl, and the character in the film was a girl. So I changed it to another paragraph that I wrote, which was the basis of a short play which can be read here. The original title is actually in the animatic, which you can view in the Artwork page. For me, the title’s relationship with the film was a thematic relationship, because there’s not really any way the two stories are related. Basically, I hope that people can take away their own interpretation on the title’s relationship with the film, and going further, the film in general.

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