eFox Designs

eFox Designs is an individually-run effects studio that provides professional visual and auditory effects to clients. Specializations include digital projections for the stage, set design, story editing, hand-drawn aesthetic, visual effects, color grading, photography, sound editing.

Demo Reel

Past Projects

  1. CAESAR, directed by Ethan Fox & Claire K. Redfield
    1. Logos, visual effects, additional video editing, poster design
    2. Zoom Spotlight Operator
  2. PAN-CAST RADIO, hosted by Ethan Fox (Spring 2020)
    1. Logos, marketing
  3. The Chipped Cup ad :: Social media advertising, (2020)
    1. Instagram handle – @chippedcupny
    2. Developed animated advert for company to attract customers during the pandemic
    3. Regularly post on Instagram and TikTok to engage community and customers, and advertise goods
  4. CHATO’S KITCHEN, directed by Mark Valdez (Fall 2019)
    1. Assistant Animator
  5. WITH YOU ALWAYS, by Victor Yang and Diego Sutcliffe (Fall 2019)
    1. Directed by Kristin Hunt
    2. Marketing, Graphics Design
  6. TIGERS BE STILL, directed by Brian Foley (Spring 2019)
    1. Written by Kim Rosenstock
    2. Media design
  7. Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, adapted and directed by Ethan Fox (Fall 2018)
    1. One-Act play
    2. Lighting Design/Light Board Operation
    3. Snippets from
  8. “Leslie Turbo: PI” directed by Andrew Wright (Fall 2018)
    1. Short Film
    2. Created opening animated sequence (2D)
    3. Photoshop, Premiere Pro
  9. “Orfeo” (Fall 2018)
    1. Developed for ASU THP 437 – Advanced Media Design
    2. Short music video
    3. Vimeo Link
    4. Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro
  10. Madison Area Bahai’i Choir (Summer 2018)
    1. Designed logo
    2. Photoshop
  11. Performance on Identity (Spring 2018)
    1. Short performance piece produced at Manchester University
    2. Audio effects
    3. Adobe Audition, After Effects
  12. ASU Project Humanities Logos (Summer 2017)
    1. Designed principle logos & Calendar Graphic
      1. Wireframe, hand-drawn design
    2. Photoshop
  13. ON AUSTRIAN SOIL (Spring 2017)
    1. FALA, World Premier
    2. Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro
  14. “On What It Means When A Man, Who Suffers The Loss Of His Wife, Becomes A Dipsomaniac And A Recluse In Order To Feel Closer To Humanity’s Heartbeat And Finishes His Life With An Empty Bottle Of Vodka While The Ocean Rages Around His Cabin” (Spring 2017)
    1. Short Film
    2. Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro
    3. “About”
  15. COLUMBINUS (Fall 2016)
    1. FALA, production
    2. Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Demo Reel 2018

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Demo Reel 2019 (Mark 2)

Demo Reel 2019